Black coated mesh (8 Inch)



- Black Coated Steel Welded Mesh 203mm x 30m roll with 25mm x 12.5mm inch gaps

- This mesh fits our solar panel mesh clips in the appropriate sizes.

- When cutting down bigger rolls of mesh, this convenient 203mm wide roll saves time and money.

- The mesh is held firmly to the solar panel by the solar panel mesh clip.

Suitable for use in solar panel screening to keep pesky birds of all sorts from penetrating the

panel's underside.

The locking plate on the clips won't go through the mesh, making them compatible with our

Solar Panel Mesh Clips

The mesh should be cut using heavy gauge side cutters to the desired size.

Rolls of wire mesh should be provided before climbing onto the roof, it is preferable to cut it into 2 metre lengths and straighten them. The bottom inch of the mesh should then be bent up to around a 30 degree angle using a length of 2" X 4" wood. The mesh is helped to lock tightly against the solar panel by using this method.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm