Stainless Steel Bundle (6 Inch)



- All your needs in one bundle.

- includes cutting tool, 100 of our specialised retaining clips with washers, heavy duty cable ties and wire mesh

- prevents pigeons and other invasive birds from getting under solar panels installed on sloped roofs

- When done correctly, it is 100% efficient and superior to employing spikes, chicken mesh, or repellent gels.

- No solar panel or roof piercing involved, no leaks and also no problems with panels' warranties

- Quick and simple to install, no drilling or glue required

- Please be aware that inexpensive kits supplied online may contain substandard inch-by-inch mesh, which is substantially weaker.

30 Meter Galvanized Solar Panel Mesh Roll

100 Solar Panel Mesh Clips

1 Pair of Metal Snips

20 heavy duty cable ties

In the UK, solar panels are being put on both business and residential rooftops.

Homeowners are anxious for a solution that does not entail piercing or harming the solar panels with mechanical fixes or adhesives in order to avoid warranty concerns because these arrays provide the ideal bird harbourage.

This cutting-edge device is made to prevent any birds from entering solar arrays, safeguarding the roof, wiring, and equipment from harm.

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Weight 8 kg


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